About Us

About Amitabha

We, Amitabha Services, are member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry holding LCCI Membership No. 86766 – A, and our NTN No. 2801233-0.

We, Amitabha Services, are Pakistani Exporters running our export business from Pakistan. Our head office is located in Lahore. Our main export item is Rock Salt of Pakistan in bulk quantity. We are also Exporters in  Rock Salt manufacture products like salt manufactured lamps, glasses, jars etc.


Amitabha Services is a training oriented company working in collaboration with LSET LONDON. We are keen to drive global transformation by offering highly specialized short term executive courses to the variety of audiences including Business Leaders, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Lawyers, Law Interns, Bankers, Trainee Students – Law, Management and Hospitality sectors, Faculties and other professionals striving to lead the market


Amitabha is a full-service digital marketing agency fuelled by smart, passionate, creative, and expert people. We believe in building your strong brand image with well-crafted content and a well-integrated design strategy. Amitabha provides you A to Z solutions to brand your business digitally and become a success in this digital era! From domain & web hosting services to website development to digital marketing,  And Eccomerce Solutions we are more than just an agency- let us be your next digital partners!


Why Amitabha ?

We are ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, BRC, GMP, SA8000 Chamber Of Commerce Certified

The intricate detail at which we have built our systems, production techniques, work-force training and care for our society at large, sets us apart as the leading and niche manufacturer and supplier.

We Are Extremely Good At What We Do

All products  are produced following strict principles of food safety and hygiene. Our emphasis on prevention of even the most remote possibilities of cross-contamination of all food salt products is exemplary and has given us a unique place in the industry.

We Understand Business

A customer in need of one bag of gourmet salt for their haute-cuisine is as important to us as a bulk buyer that orders multiple containers every month. Our focus on customer satisfaction has earned us many loyal followers over the decades that are spoilt on our professional customer services.

We Are Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

Our R&D department does not only focus on improving the quality of our products but is also focused on innovation in our production techniques.
Complete eradication of Bromine from certain grades of our industrial salt and achievement of ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) status are examples of our pro-active production innovations.

We Care About What We Do

There are no chemicals or artificial additives used in the production of all edible grades of salts produced at our facilities, making our food salt products completely natural and organic. These healthy salts are most desirable for health-conscious consumers and taste great just in their original natural form.

We Keep It Green & Clean

We contribute our part in giving back to this planet with the use of clean methods to keep pollution controlled to its utmost possibility by recycling our wastewater and not flowing it down the sewers. The lush green environment in and around our plant is a dedicated effort to grow greens in the midst of an adverse environment in a salt manufacturing facility.